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Aaaaaand, Where'd May Go?

I guess once a month is enough posting here if I'm putting up new events daily, eh? Or at least weekly? It is June. It is almost summer. And it is almost our SECOND YEAR ANNIVERSARY! They say the toughest part of a business is the first two years. We're almost there! SO EXCITED! We'll be throwing another bash, so if you're a regular, show up on Thursday, June 28 for the festivities! We'll be celebrating all weekend long, but that night is special for the folks who've kept us in business through these first tough two years. WE LOVE YOU!

Over the past month, we've entered a cocktail competition, won $5000 in a QuickBooks contest, hosted the biggest Burning Man Happy Hour to date (The Playa Arts Preview), broken all previous sales records (YAY MAY!), celebrated a bunch of birthdays (including that of your humble narrator and Proprietrix), had dressed up doggies with matching moms watching the Kentucky Derby, blended up a bunch of frozen margaritas for Cinco de Mayo....whew! It's been exhausting! Now we're ready to head into the summer months and enjoy frosty beverages in the back yard! We hope you'll join us! BIG LUCKY LOVE!