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July Is Upon Us!

Well, folks, we’re heading into the dog days. And even decades away from our school years, we still feel like we should be on summer vacation. When the weather is beach beautiful, dragging our asses into work is extra hard. But if we didn't, who would provide you sanctuary with an eclectic soundtrack? Frosty beers complete with witty repartee? A staff that feels like family? So drag our asses we will!

The AC is on pretty much all the time now, which offers a comfortable temperature but cuts us off from the sidewalk. Closed doors are much less welcoming. So we hope you’ll come on in instead of just peering in!

Lucky recently celebrated our 3-year anniversary in a low-key kinda way. We are so very grateful for our loyal regulars, our “Gallery of Weirdos,” who’ve helped make us a success. Perhaps YOU can become a member! Cheers to July, friends!

Happy June!

Well, we slogged through an endlessly grey winter and enjoyed a long, warm and wet spring. Now it’s about to be summer and the weather has been simply glorious! People are enjoying our beautiful back yard and slurping up our delicious frozen drinks! YOU should come join us! Yes, it’s June! And our calendar is full of fun events! We will be celebrating our Third Anniversary later this month! Come celebrate with us as we enter our FOURTH YEAR! Wow! We certainly couldn’t have made it without all our wonderful, loyal regulars! HUZZAH!

Rabbit Rabbit! It's May!

It’s finally MAY! We’ve slogged through Spring and now it’s time to PAR-TAY! It’s a month full of fun!

We have a full month of scheduled fun at Lucky, as well! You can always watch our Events page but expect the return of our favorite group, NYC Gay Craft Beer Lovers, for a May the 4th Be With You bash on May 4th, of course! We will, of course, be celebrating Cinco de Mayo with the season debut of our frozen margaritas and Micheladas, festive decor and spicy snacks. On May 8 you’ll find a big Burning Man art-centric Happy Hour with a SWING in our back yard! Kink ‘n’ Draw is getting into the vintage mood with their second annual Prohibition-themed evening May 14th. And we will be celebrating your humble narrator and proprietrix Abby’s big 60th birthday on May 23rd. There will be all sorts of unscheduled excitement as well, we’re sure. Join us!

And May is Lower East Side History Month! The whole neighborhood will be celebrating so keep an eye out for all the excitement! The Peoples’ LES has a calendar of events here.

LES History Month 2019 - Promo Image - 4x6.jpg