Lucky on B

168 Avenue B NY NY 10009 • Noon-4am

The Cooler Winds of September

It seems as though Summer flew by! We really had a blast, with all kinds of fun events. But you know we all love the Fall most of all! The leaves change color, we get to carve pumpkins and put up our Halloween decor, we enjoy sharing Thanksgiving with our regulars and the cooler temperatures make it easier to leave our doors open to the sidewalk.

If you haven’t visited us yet, you can expect a more seasoned vibe and a warm welcome from our staff, provided you have a grasp of how to order, how to tip and how to conduct yourself like an adult. Let that be a warning to all you Yelpers! We are nice when YOU are nice!

Now, let’s get ready for Fall! Happy September, everyone!

The Dog Days of Summer

Rabbit, Rabbit, friends! And welcome to August! Thunderstorms and lightning — very, very frightening! And the Dog Days of Summer! As we savor this last month of unofficial summertime, the AC is usually on. Humidity can be so draining. But we can all fortify ourselves with frosty beverages and set it all to the eclectic soundtrack of Lucky’s already legendary jukebox! If you haven’t stopped by in a while, there are some new mixes, courtesy of DJ Bubbles. Check out Lucky By the Numbers, the hilarious TV Themes or the synesthesia-inspired I Hear Colors. Enjoy a cold pint of Hofbrau Summer Ale before Fall sets in. And enjoy your drinks al fresco while it’s still warm. We have so much to offer! Including the most interesting — and gregarious — regulars in the entire East Village! Come and join our Gallery of Weirdos!

July Is Upon Us!

Well, folks, we’re heading into the dog days. And even decades away from our school years, we still feel like we should be on summer vacation. When the weather is beach beautiful, dragging our asses into work is extra hard. But if we didn't, who would provide you sanctuary with an eclectic soundtrack? Frosty beers complete with witty repartee? A staff that feels like family? So drag our asses we will!

The AC is on pretty much all the time now, which offers a comfortable temperature but cuts us off from the sidewalk. Closed doors are much less welcoming. So we hope you’ll come on in instead of just peering in!

Lucky recently celebrated our 3-year anniversary in a low-key kinda way. We are so very grateful for our loyal regulars, our “Gallery of Weirdos,” who’ve helped make us a success. Perhaps YOU can become a member! Cheers to July, friends!