Lucky on B

168 Avenue B NY NY 10009 • Noon-4am

Uh, What Happened to April?

This makes three months in a row that our only post was to note that the previous month had flown by. Must fix that! But we're so busy doing a DAILY update on Google and Facebook and Yelp that we forget about the bar's own damn web site. Oy vey. Anyway, It's news that we've finally managed to link Lucky's Instagram to the web page. Ideally, you'll be seeing those updates scroll by. And while we're talking about months flying by, we just created the event page for Lucky's Second Year Anniversary bash on June 28. Keep an eye out for updates of what will be happening! For now we're just SUPER grateful that the warm weather has finally arrived! That back yard is so nice when it's nice! Come visit us and see for yourself! Our frozen drinks are back - the perfect thing for a warm, sunny spring day! Anyway, HAPPY MAY!