Lucky on B

168 Avenue B NY NY 10009 • Noon-4am

Ahhh, Autumn!

How can it be the first week of November? October flew by so fast that it already feels like December. That could be because we live in the future, booking events and anticipating holidays. This is a time we should be able to pause. And breathe. Post elections. Smack dab in between Halloween and Thanksgiving. A quieter time to marvel at the blue skies, the many colors of the autumn leaves, the crispness in the air. If you're out and about enjoying all that fall has to offer, stop by and say hi! Our Happy Hour, noon till 8, offers $4 well drinks and $3 off all draft beers. We’ve brought back the Keurig so you can enjoy a warm drink on a chilly day. And the garden is still open if the sun warms up enough for you to drink al fresco. The last week or so at Lucky has been so warm and convivial, it's felt more like a living room than a bar! Come and see what we mean! Oh! And a quick reminder: Lucky is OPEN on Thanksgiving! Expect our usual hours, noon till 4am, with your humble narrator behind the stick noon till 8 and Zero easing you into your early Friday morning. Cheers!