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Go to a Bar, ANY Bar!

Hey, folks, consider this to be a "motivational" message:

January is a notoriously horrible month for the service industry. People are still eating, so restaurants aren't as bad off as bars. But everyone is hunkered down. Saving money post-holidays. Scared their noses might freeze off in the cold. (Doesn't it seem like the weather people are scaring us into staying home? What's up with that?) Bartenders and other staff live off your tips and may be struggling to pay their rent. So here's a little suggestion: Go to a bar. ANY bar. The bar closest to your house. Or near where you work. Order something. Tip your server. If you're doing the whole "sober January" thing or if you don't drink at all, order a seltzer or a coffee. If you have time, chat the bartender up a bit. See how they're doing. For so many people, this is the darkest, most depressing time of year. Maybe you can commiserate? Even if you're pretty broke yourself, the company might do you both good! 

GO OUT! SPEND A FEW BUCKS! It will make you feel better, I swear! Obviously, I'd love to see your face at MY place but hey, I get it, it's winter. So go wherever is easiest!

Okay, that's my pollyanna post for the day.