Lucky on B

168 Avenue B NY NY 10009 • Noon-4am


Wow, we haven't updated this page since September. Oops! Time has been flying. Over the past few months, we've hosted all kinds of parties, provided space for protest movements and arts organizations, and cultivated a number of wonderful, very-much-appreciated regulars.

Click over to our Menu page to see our latest draft beer and seasonal drink special options! Also, from now through the end of the year, Lucky is holding both a New York Cares Coat Drive and a food drive for a local food bank. If you bring by either a coat or shelf-stable food (canned goods, pasta, rice) we'll warm you up with a free shot.

If, over these hectic holidays, you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, we invite you to stop by for a warm beverage and warmer company. Escape the shopping insanity. Take a break from the 24-hour news cycle. Maybe make a new friend. The bar will be super festive! And for those of you in on the LDB game, we can guarantee you a safe space. NO Little Drummer Boy on the jukebox!

Lucky would like to wish everyone, regardless of faith -- including a total absence of any -- a joyous season. It's a time to appreciate the people we love, and who love us, because what else is there? We feel oh so fortunate -- LUCKY! -- to be here for you!