Lucky on B

168 Avenue B NY NY 10009 • Noon-4am

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Midsummer Magical Market

Join Velocity Starr Chyaldd's evening of divination, self care, tattoo, apothecary and art!

Expect homemade authentic botanica, spell candles, tarot, palm as well as astrology readings, potions, healing skincare, fine line tattoos, and art all alongside intoxicating libations and groovy music done the Lucky way!

~ Featuring ~

Haus of Hag:
Authentic artisanal magical crafts & conjure
composed with care by Velocity Starr Chyaldd.
Instagram: @hausofhag

Brooklyn Sea Witch:
The Sea Hag in Brooklyn provides home
brewed scents plus eco-friendly self-care
for magic babes, mermaids & warrioress'
who suffer no fools.
Instagram: @bkseawitch

Good Juju Tattoos:
Fabulous Line work and Flash Art
by Juliette Frances Havard Trapani.
Her beautiful work can be found on
Instagram: @goodjujutattoos

Mutantland Art by Al Benkin:
Al Benkin is a Brooklyn based artist & art
teacher specializing in surreal assemblage,
canvas painting, woodworking & stuffed animalzzz.
Instagram: @mutantland

IDelgado Skin Care:
Organic skincare by Deity Delgado
infused with magnesium chloride for
healthy skin. Both luxurious and edible.
Instagram: @idelgadoskincare

Mistress Nette:
Branching out from her former over decade
long residence at Enchantments we are
honored that she will be reading both
your Tarot AND your Palm.
Instagram: @mistressnette


Bar side Astrology by Vanessa aka DJ Ness
on Instagram as @catsastrologyandrecords
#witchlife #apothecary #magicmart
#tarot #palmreading #witchfamily
#tattoos #selfcare #skincare #art
#potions #spellcandles #astrology