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Burning Man Happy Hour - Gifting!

So you've got your ticket? And you're perfecting your packing list? Everything's ready to go. What will YOU be Gifting this year? Come to this week's Happy Hour and get some ideas. Maybe even get some gifts! Let's talk!

What you can expect from this week's Happy Hour:
A burner owned bar with a DPW barmaid.
Happy Hour prices extended ALL NIGHT for you dusty ones!
Newbies and oldbies, chatting up about the playa.
A "GIfting" theme.

What's the best gift you've ever received? What's the best gift you've ever given? What about those cheap imported plastic items that no one really wants?

It doesn't even have to be something bought. It could be something as simple as a refill of your water bottle or some ice for your now-warm cocktail. It could be a fine, cooling spray mist. Or a warm, consented-to hug! The playa has MANY gifts to give. We're looking forward to a conversation about how to both give and receive those gifts!

If you've got 'em, bring a couple gifts! Or wear one or two of your favorites! The photo is from Jewelry of Burning Man, a book by Karen Christians and Christine Kristen, with photography by George Post. Buy it here:

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