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Dark Pastures Publication Party with Musical Accompaniment

DARK PASTURES Publication Party
Reading by author John Lunar Richey
With pedal loop guitar wizard Alan Gowa

Iniquity Press/Vendetta Books; 2018. Selected Poems and Songs by John Lunar Richey This collection includes recent writings as well as poems previously published in Rolling Stone, Big Hammer, Long Shot. Lunar is vox/lyricist of many collaborations. Most notably are the recorded album/CDs of Lunar Bear Ensemble - Lunar Ensemble - and Machine Gun; the NYC Jazz/Avant unit. Lunar performed as a duet at many readings in NYC (Nuyorican Poet's Cafe, The New Museum, The New Music Gallery, Context & Mother) Creating "soundscapes". These musicians included; Richard "Bear" Graham, Jack Petruzzelli, Thomas Chapin

Purchase the book HERE.

Alan Gowa guitar instructor Comes out of the shadows as I lead him into Dark Pastures:

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