Lucky on B

168 Avenue B NY NY 10009 • Noon-4am

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Burning Man Happy Hour - Media Noche

No, this isn't an evening about a Cuban sandwich. (Though maybe we'll order up a few!) It's a NIGHT that's all about MEDIA! We'll have the mobile mics from Accuracy Third back again for people to tell their playa stories! Write a Yelp! review on the spot and win a prize! Give us a Google review and win a prize! Check in, post a photo on Instagram or Facebook about Lucky and WIN A PRIZE! What will those prizes be? Playa gifts, patches, buttons, free drinks, beautiful Burning Man calendars by Eva Reiska and MORE! Come have a cocktail, discuss ticket buying strategies, meet people from NYC camps and WIN SOME STUFF!

It's the weekly NYC Burning Man Happy Hour, which happens every Wednesday!
At Lucky, that means your DPW barmaid, Pinky, serving you till 8, when the delightful Cara takes over. Both barmaids assisted by your DPW proprietrix, Abby.

2-4-1 well drinks and draft beers extended till the last burner leaves!

Plus we always have other silly drink specials! Join us!

Super cool media graphic: