Lucky on B

168 Avenue B NY NY 10009 • Noon-4am

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Burning Man Happy Hour - FOMO Night

Everyone you know is out in the desert. And you're stuck in NYC. Yes, burners, you are feelin' the FOMO! Fortunately, you are not alone. And Lucky is pleased to offer you the Third Annual FOMO Night.

Come and commune with your fellow burners, also stuck in the city. Talk about how awesome it is to be sleeping on clean sheets (or sleeping, period). Listening to the music YOU like, at the decibel level YOU enjoy. About eating food in an actual restaurant without the dust as a condiment. Revel in the luxury of AC, running water and electricity! And console each other about what you all think you're missing.

Here's what you can expect:
• A Burner/DPW-Owned/Operated Bar
• Happy Hour Prices ALL NIGHT for you dusty ones!
• A big outdoor space decorated with Burning Man art
• LOTS of other burners!