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168 Avenue B NY NY 10009 • Noon-4am

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Haus of Hag's Magical Market

Join Velocity Starr Chyaldd in her first curated afternoon of magic, psychics and vendors. Expect homemade potions and elixirs, spells and salves, oils and tinctures, art and decor. We will be hosting tarot readers and ritual makers, witches and Wiccans, artisans and artists and more. Stay tuned for additional information.


Haus of Hag
Authentic artisanal magical crafts & conjure
composed with care by Velocity Chyaldd
Instagram: @hausofhag

iDelgado Skin Care
I Delgado Skin Care is organic skincare infused
with magnesium chloride for healthy skin.
Both luxurious and edible.
Instagram: @idelgadoskincare  

Brooklyn Sea Witch
Sea Hag in Brooklyn provides home brewed scents
plus eco-friendly self-care for magic babes, mermaids
and warrioress' who suffer no fools.
Instagram: @bkseawitch  

Grey Moon Botanica
Grey Moon Botanica specializes in crafting simple
ingredient magic for body and home.
Instagram: @greymoonbotanica

Walk This Wae
This vintage inspired line of wear is designed
by Burlesque sensation Wae Messed for your
inner wicked wench. No way! Yes, Wae ;)
instagram: @_walkthiswae_

Good Juju Tattoos
Fabulous Line work and Flash Art by
Juliette Frances Havard Trapani aka
@datgoodjuju - Her beautiful work can be
found on Instagram: @goodjujutattoos

Mistress Nette of Enchantments Inc. 
will read both your Tarot and your palm.

Bar side Astrology by Vanessa aka DJ Ness
on Instagram as @catsastrologyandrecords

Enjoy libations & music with us as we
close this affair with a full moon ritual!