Lucky on B

168 Avenue B NY NY 10009 • Noon-4am

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Lucky Plunder! A Pirate Sail

Shiver me Timbers! Join us for a late night sail around the Hudson Bay on the good ship "Clipper City." Aye, there will be Mermaids, Burlesque Dancers and Live Sea Shanties by Skull Buggery. 

This unique interactive theater experience takes place aboard a 150ft schooner (it is a REAL sailing boat). Spend two epic hours on Manhattan's only pirate adventure. Sing along with our seaworthy band of scallywags. Be teased and entertained by our beautiful burlesque dancers, the sexiest sirens that could ever lure you into the deep. A swarthy crew of characters will take you on as a deckhand and you'll hoist a flagon to hidden treasures while bathed in the light of the city's glittering skyline.

Space is limited on this magical experience so purchase your bill of passage as soon as you've gathered enough doubloons. Once you've secured your berth, you can make your experience even more exciting! Dress up, drink heartily and, of course, talk like a pirate! We have hired an exceptional sailing and entertainment crew for your pleasure.

Joining our crew of scalawags will be your friends from Lucky. 
Revelers of Great Renown in their own right.
With this combined forces we are that much closer to capturing the prize ship. 

Check-in at the dock: 9:15pm
Sail: 9:45-11:45pm


Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter the event?

Yes this is a 21+ event! Please remember your ID!

What is the difference between the different tiers?

We have a limited amount of tickets in each tier, early bird will sell out very soon! We definitely want to give ppl on a tight budget the chance to attend by booking early. But since the ship, the crew and performers need to be paid and we're on tight margins to cover the costs, we're grateful for everybody who can or want to give more. 

Is my registration/ticket transferrable?


Risks and Challenges

We have a grand vision for this site-specific interactive theatrical experience. 
The more money we raise, the greater talent we can afford. There is a minimum budget to sail the ship, then to afford each Actor/Musician, the margin is quite slim. Its definitely a labor of love here. Every penny made will be utilized for this event. We are confident the vision will be achieved!

In the event of rain, we will not be able to sail due to the delicacy of the sound equipment - An alternate date will be provided, or tickets will be refunded.