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Burning Man Happy Hour - Swagtastic Swagfest

It's been a month since the Man burned. You've done your laundry and stored your gear. Your hair isn't dusty...nothing is. But your heart? It will always be dusty. Yup, you're yearning for the playa. How to satisfy that yearning? Short of returning? Join us for NYC's weekly Burning Man Happy Hour!

This week's Wednesday event will be all about the SWAG! Yeah, it's Stuff We All Get! But at Burning Man it's Stuff We All Gift! Bring your swag to show off! Bring extra swag to gift! Bring your old swag to prove what a jaded fuck you are! Bring the swag you forgot to pack and give away! (Whoops!) Or just bring yourself and be a joyful recipient!

In addition to the showing, swapping, sharing and storytelling, we will have swagtastic creation stations! You'll be able to MAKE swag and gift it right on the spot! Or send it to that amazing unicorn clown who served you hot coffee in deep playa! Tools and materials will be supplied but if you have anything to add, it would be greatly appreciated. 

Also, my first gifts at Burning Man were buttons. Everyone LOVES buttons! There will be a contest for "Best Button Design." We'll have paper and pens for everyone to doodle a design. The best design will be made into a button and distributed at a future Burning Man Happy Hour. PLUS a cash prize! So start thinking about your design NOW! You can even bring a printout of your design. Everyone who attends the Happy Hour will be able to enter AND vote!

Lastly, drink specials and bargains! We will offer the usual 2-4-1 well drinks and draft beers all night long for burners. Additional specials will be added so check back. But we do love to serve up the EmergenC and Vodkas or Johnny-on-the-Spot cocktails! If it's still warm out, we'll have our famous Frozen Lemonade & Vodka! And there are always cheap beers! Maybe we'll feature Picklebacks! Who knows?

NYC Burning Man Happy Hour happens every Wednesday.
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Photo by Christine Kristen

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