Lucky on B

168 Avenue B NY NY 10009 • Noon-4am

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Friday the 13th at Lucky

Join Pinky for an afternoon of superstitious celebrations! At Lucky we take "luck" pretty seriously. On this, the most slandered of dates, we will conjure up nothing but good fortune!

We all have them -- rituals, mercury retrograde jitters, lucky numbers, protective jewelry, objects we carry, things we avoid -- and we get so used to them, it’s hard to tell if they are working for us any more, so let’s get to the heart of your lucky charms and scary superstitions!

* Learn what really makes you a magnet for manifesting your dreams and feeling safe in the world with a special, 5-card tarot reading by Linda DeGusta at a special price. Linda has over 30 years experience studying and practicing Tarot and New Thought. She reads the iconic Rider-Waite-Smith Deck. “Tarot reading is not the ominous stuff you’ve seen in movies. We predict no future because in each moment we magically create our lives, by how we experience and appreciate the wonder that is right now. From there, anything is possible.” -- Linda DiGusta

* Let Fitness Witch Ammo give you a Bones Reading. Ammo O'Day is an esoteric life coach who utilizes fitness, nutrition, reiki, tarot, chakra work and magic to heal what ails you. She will be throwing bones out to divine your fortune.

* Consult the Magic 8 Ball.
* Light a magic candle.
* Cast a spell for good luck.
* Burn some sage, sandalwood or good fortune incense.
* Murmur incantations.
* Draw mystical symbols on the sidewalk.
* Let a black cat sit on your lap.
* We are gonna do it ALL!

Stay tuned for more details and good luck drink specials, too!

Later Event: January 16
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