Lucky on B

168 Avenue B NY NY 10009 • Noon-4am

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GAG! Gays Against Guns Gets Lucky! T-Shirt Party!

Spray Away the NRA!

Join Gays Against Guns for an afternoon of altering your t-shirts, tank tops or booty shorts. Armed with multiple stencils and cans of spray paint, you can wear the cause on your chest -- or ass -- just in time for Pride.

We will be focusing on white signs and apparel to be worn in the GAG contingency of the Pride March on Sunday, but given the time and supplies we will glady GAG up your wedding gown, lamp shade or shower curtain.

If you have extra white tees laying about, even ones that are already printed we can turn them inside out and GAG them up for the March, so bring them down. IF YOU CAN SPEAK SPANISH WE REALLY NEED YOU, as we would love to have our slogans translated to show solidarity with the Latin Community.

Outdoors in the beautiful tree-shaded back yard of the soon-to-be-officially-opened Lucky, enjoy a frosty beverage  
Bring a garment! Enjoy a cocktail! Or Just come by to learn more about GAG.

This event is for anyone and eveyone! Cis, Trans, Celibate or Sober. You are more than welcome to hang out with us, paint and discuss what we can do to help fight the plague that the NRA has brought upon us.

This event involves alcohol and paint so leave your Chanel at home or you might end up looking like a fur coat at a PETA meeting.

Your GAG HAGS Mari and Abby will be updating this description as we dream up more to say (including a possibly more compelling title...)!

If you can't come down and would like to follow the event in Social Media we will be tweeting @gaghagnyc

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