Lucky on B

168 Avenue B NY NY 10009 • Noon-4am

Ahhh, Autumn!

How can it be the first week of November? October flew by so fast that it already feels like December. That could be because we live in the future, booking events and anticipating holidays. This is a time we should be able to pause. And breathe. Post elections. Smack dab in between Halloween and Thanksgiving. A quieter time to marvel at the blue skies, the many colors of the autumn leaves, the crispness in the air. If you're out and about enjoying all that fall has to offer, stop by and say hi! Our Happy Hour, noon till 8, offers $4 well drinks and $3 off all draft beers. We’ve brought back the Keurig so you can enjoy a warm drink on a chilly day. And the garden is still open if the sun warms up enough for you to drink al fresco. The last week or so at Lucky has been so warm and convivial, it's felt more like a living room than a bar! Come and see what we mean! Oh! And a quick reminder: Lucky is OPEN on Thanksgiving! Expect our usual hours, noon till 4am, with your humble narrator behind the stick noon till 8 and Zero easing you into your early Friday morning. Cheers!

October Is Our Craziest Month! BOO!

Hey there!
We LOVE holidays and we LOVE Halloween!
Here's our busy schedule, with more stuff being added all the time, and a few exciting events NOT happening at Lucky! You can always see what we’re up to here under Events!

Saturday October 6
Oktoberfest at Lucky!
Join us for beer and pretzels. AND BEER! Prosit!
Pinky and I will be in our dirndls, noon till 8!

Also Saturday October 6
Buckets & Beers
Come to Andy's fundraiser for Make a Wish!
Wear your Star Wars regalia!

Tuesday October 9
HONK! NYC Kickoff Party
I'll be your MC!
Market Hotel
1140 Myrtle Ave.
Wednesday October 10
NYC Burning Man Happy Hour
Yes, the weekly event returns to Lucky. Theme? Do we need one?
Just show up and commune with your fellow dusty friends!

Sunday October 14
Costume & Clothing Swap & Sale
What do YOU have that you aren't wearing anymore? What pieces or accessories do you need to complete your costume? Feel free to bring things you want to sell OR swap! Make it even MORE fun by dressing up! 
NY Dangerous/Church of Good Deeds will be taking all leftover clothes.
Kostume Kult will be taking all leftover ACTUAL costumes.

Monday October 15
ELEMENTAL: FIgment Fundraiser & Masquerade Ball
Lucky is donating a Lucky Swag Package to their Silent Auction/Raffle!
21A Clinton Street

Tuesday October 16
Kink 'n' Draw Halloween
Join us for our monthly sexy sketching event!
Costume contest prizes of $50 Gift Certificates to Gothic Renaissance for Sexiest and Scariest!

Saturday October 20
Halloween for Dogs
The Tompkins Square Park event was cancelled so we're doing our own!
Bring your costumed canine for treats and prizes!

Sunday October 21
Pumpkin Carving Party
BYO pumpkin and create your candlelit masterpiece!

Tuesday October 23
Stitch 'n' Bitch
Citichik Chickpea is hosting our newest monthly (and more) knitting night!
Holiday patterns available, all levels welcome!

Sunday October 28
Magical Market
Velocity Chyalld curates an afternoon of art, potions, elixirs, tattoos, fortune telling and more. It's witchcraft!

Wednesday October 31
NYC Burning Man Happy Hour HALLOWEEN!
Pregame before the parade? Stop by afterward? Or just park your ass on a barstool and soak up the local color.

Happy September!

It’s halfway through September and we’re finally updating our “news” here. Oy. Since we post daily to Google Business, Facebook Business and Lucky’s Instagram account, this little feature gets sorely neglected. But maybe once a month is plenty? Who knows? What’s new? Well, it’s almost Fall and there are all kinds of fun things on our calendar! (Our Events page here IS always updated!) Everyone is back in town after their summer vacations, ready to put on a sweater and PAR-TAY!

While out at Burning Man, your humble narrator made an embarrassing discovery. Here she thought her Bloody Mary recipe was HERS. Apparently not! While sitting at one of her favorite playa bars, Such ’n’ Such, deep in ASS Camp, or, as it’s more familiarly known, The Glenns, eagerly awaiting a delicious Bloody, she watched as her drink was prepared and was AGHAST to realize that her super awesome recipe was, indeed, stolen from THE GLENNS! So, as a believer in credit where credit is due, from here on out, Lucky’s delicious Bespoke Bloody Mary will be known as The Glenns’ Bespoke Bloody Mary! Thanks, guys! You really know how to make the best Bloody in the whole fuckin’ world!

Now, off we go into the late summer, sunny Saturday afternoon. Cheers to all of you out there in website-reading-land! Lucky loves you!