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Happy September!

It’s halfway through September and we’re finally updating our “news” here. Oy. Since we post daily to Google Business, Facebook Business and Lucky’s Instagram account, this little feature gets sorely neglected. But maybe once a month is plenty? Who knows? What’s new? Well, it’s almost Fall and there are all kinds of fun things on our calendar! (Our Events page here IS always updated!) Everyone is back in town after their summer vacations, ready to put on a sweater and PAR-TAY!

While out at Burning Man, your humble narrator made an embarrassing discovery. Here she thought her Bloody Mary recipe was HERS. Apparently not! While sitting at one of her favorite playa bars, Such ’n’ Such, deep in ASS Camp, or, as it’s more familiarly known, The Glenns, eagerly awaiting a delicious Bloody, she watched as her drink was prepared and was AGHAST to realize that her super awesome recipe was, indeed, stolen from THE GLENNS! So, as a believer in credit where credit is due, from here on out, Lucky’s delicious Bespoke Bloody Mary will be known as The Glenns’ Bespoke Bloody Mary! Thanks, guys! You really know how to make the best Bloody in the whole fuckin’ world!

Now, off we go into the late summer, sunny Saturday afternoon. Cheers to all of you out there in website-reading-land! Lucky loves you!