Lucky on B

168 Avenue B NY NY 10009 • Noon-4am

It's August. How'd That Happen?

While we weren't paying attention, the calendar tumbled over into August! Holy crap! We've been open over a month now!
So what's new? The demolition of the old walk-in is scheduled and the new walk-in will be installed soon, so draft beers will be happening soon!
As the dog days of summer descend upon us, events are being scheduled into October (gulp!) and we are eager for crisp days and no more humidity!

We have a bunch of fun stuff coming up, including numerous birthday celebrations, a dog adoption event, a wedding reception and Fineline Tattoo's 40 Anniversary Bash. 
In mid-September, get out your dirndls and lederhosen for Oktoberfest!
And stay tuned for the Official Grand Opening, tentatively scheduled for the weekend -- and we mean ALL weekend -- of September 23-25.

Get in touch if you'd like to throw a party or if you have any suggestions for us!