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Burning Man Happy Hour - PreCom!

The event ended over three weeks ago but you're still shaking playa dust out of your belongings. You're ready for the BIG welcome back party this weekend -- Decom! -- so let's get excited together! Find out what all your favorite NYC camps and artists are bringing to Brooklyn for the reentry bash. Chat about the gifts you'll be giving. And get a feel for how warm and welcoming the local burner community is!

Expect random gifting, an awesome sing-along jukebox and a great outdoor space. We offer Happy Hour prices all night long for burner folk, entertaining drink specials and a friendly vibe.

If this is your first time, here's what you can expect:

• A Burner/DPW-Owned/Operated Bar
• A Burner/DPW Barmaid
• Happy Hour Prices ALL NIGHT for you dusty ones!
• A big outdoor space decorated with Burning Man art
• LOTS of other burners!

Photo of Circus Fabulae, Benjamin Gregory Jones & Crew