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Burning Man Happy Hour - DPW Social

Black Rock City's infrastructure is built by their very own Department of Public Works - DPW. They are the people who show up in March or April and are still there, returning the playa to its spotless state, in October. Local DPW members include: Your proprietrix, Abby, who managed their Sign Shop for six of her ten years with them, as well as serving as a Scribe and Line Boss for Playa Restoration. Pinky was a Fluffer. Rodney pounded about a million t-stakes as party of the full-time Fence Crew. And Ryan worked Playa Restoration. Today a few other members, "visiting royalty," will be in town so we're having a DPW Social! That means all you "participants" will have a bunch of people to ask "What's it all about?" Meet Jessica Reeder, RJG journalist and former Burning Man Blog writer. Plus a possible surprise performance by Professor Plague, a Jerk Church musician with a song on Lucky's Jukebox as a member of Bobby Jo Ebola and the Chicken McNuggets. And the infamous After 5 will be in the house too!

The usual 2-4-1 Happy Hour specials on well drinks and draft beers are extended all night long for burners. Wacky seasonal drinks and playa themed drinks are available. And this week we'll have super crazy cheap prices on Picklebacks! Join us! And hear all the wild tales!