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168 Avenue B NY NY 10009 • Noon-4am

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Burning Man Happy Hour - Burner World Event Expo

There are so many burneresque events beyond TTITD! Come to this week's Burning Man Happy Hour and meet people representing a big handful! Meg'O is your hostess, representing POrtal Burn, and she has invited folks to tell you about Adventure Wednesdays, Kostume Kult, Virgin Burners, BRC Rangers, Everyone Mingles, Baby Burners, NY Dangerous, NECTR, and MORE! (Stay tuned here for additional info as we get it!)

Our usual 2-4-1 happy hour prices are extended ALL NIGHT for the burners! Plus we have silly seasonal specials and wacky theme drinks! Your DPW barmaid and proprietrix, Abby aka StAbby, will be behind the bar till 8pm, when the delightful Cara takes over. 

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